Dries Fast · Eco-friendly · Great Value

Low Moisture = Instant Drying Time

Typical Dry Time Less Then 30 Minutes

Low moisture cleaning is safer and in most cases will leave your carpet dry within 30 minutes and tile instantly dry.

Distilled Water Leaves Zero Residue

Our Water Is Distilled Only

We use only distilled or reverse osmosis water when cleaning carpet or tile. Unlike hard water there is no film of lime/rust/calcium left behind.

310 Degrees Make A Difference

We Clean Between 150-310 degrees

Our machines heat water making it more efficient for cleaning. If that’s not enough we break out the 310 degree vapor cleaner when needed!

Some Words From Our Customers

Carpet looks cleans, feels soft, and smells clean. 🙂

S. Henson

You could see the vapor cleaning the tile instantly!

W. Thomas

Our Process Produces Results

1. Spot Spray

2. Pre-Spray

3. Steam

4. Scrub & Rinse